Surfside Roofing; Navigating Through The Insurance Process After The Storm Passes

First-Class Roofing in Surfside

Mother-Nature can cause storm damage to your roof in an instant. Heavy winds will blow loose and lifted shingles off of your home and could cause stubborn leaks to arise. You need a local roofing contractor in Surfside that can evaluate these kinds of problems for you. Severe weather is one of the most common hazards that you will probably confront as a homeowner. Whether these problems are repairable or a full roof replacement is necessary, a reliable roofer can help see you through.

How Do You Negotiate The Insurance Claims Process After The Storm Passes?

Determining the Amount of Damage

Storm damage, particularly hail, is not always easily detected or even visible from the ground. It often takes a trained to catch hail damage. A top-rated roofer in Surfside can catch small problems that could drastically affect the overall lifespan of your roof.

A professional roof inspection is the first step that should be done before you contact your insurance company. The initial expense for the roof repairs or replacement will be estimated. Our knowledgeable claims specialists are here to help you with this process. As a GAF Factory-Certified Surfside Roofing Contractor, we are your best and safest choice for all of your home’s roofing needs. The materials we use and our workmanship are top-tier and will provide your home with lasting strength, beauty, and comfort.

Making the Claim and Meeting the Adjuster

After the roof evaluation, filing your claim will be your next step. Meeting at your home with the adjuster is essential to begin the claims process and they will then evaluate your roof and explain the damages that they find. If you did not have your roof professionally inspected before the adjuster comes out to your home then you will want your chosen Surfside roof repair pro to be there when the adjuster shows up. Insurance adjusters do not always find all of the damage that a roof may have and having the trained eye of a professional roofer there with them can help you get the most out of your insurance premium.

Materials, Choosing Colorsand Rebuilding

Once the amount of damage has been acknowledged, choosing the roofing materials and colors for the roof repair in Surfside will be the next step. This is where the fun begins as you get to pick a new expression for your home.


After your Surfside roofing project has been complete, a final inspection of the craftsmanship will be made to assure the highest standards have been correctly performed.


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