Insurance Replacement Questions and Answers

Do I need to turn in 3 bids to the Insurance for a Roof Replacement?
No! They might ask but this is not typical and more than likely is not written in your policy that requires you to do so! After a major storm, our experience is that youll have a hard time getting 1 due to local contractors being inundated with calls. Remember the Insurance is a business and asking you to get several bids and turn them in is designed to save them money, not you!

The Insurance has come out and left a partial check and Adjuster Summary Paperwork, What do I do now?
Call A company you trust and is well versed in the Insurance process for nearly 20 years Brazosport Roofing! We will walk you through the Insurance process and make it as headache-free as possible! A well-versed company can review your paperwork and make sure the Insurance is paying what they should and haven't left anything out. Are you a Roofing Expert? Do you know what the insurance is supposed to pay for? We do! From Hurricane Ike to the 2015 Hail Storm we have worked with more claims than anyone in the area!

I have gotten a price lower than what the Insurance Replacement Cost Value is paying can I pocket money?
No! As per Texas Deductible Law of 2019 HB 2102 Homeowners are required to pay their Deductible 100% Be aware of companies or fly by night, inexperienced contractors offering you to pay 0 or partial out of pocket. This is punishable by law according to HB 2102. Example of full payment: Insurance paperwork says your Replacement Cost Value (RCV) is 12000.00 They have left you the first check of 2000.00, Your Deductible is 6000.00, there is a Depreciation check of 4000.00 (normally final payment if no supplements are filed for extra work, shortage of materials due to Insurance mistake, or 10/10 multiple trades are being done) Your contractor has to provide proof of payment via check stubs, invoices, canceled checks, receipts that 1st check of 2000.00 has been collected and the 6000.00 Deductible has been collected as well to release the 4000.00 depreciation check equalling 12,000.00 payable to Contractor.

Here is an example from an Insurance companies Adjuster Summary Report "If you select a contractor whose estimate is lower than our estimate based on same scope of damages, We will pay based on their estimate, You are to notify us prior to beginning repairs/replacement." What does this mean exactly? It means if you hire a contractor for a price lower than what the Insurance Replacement Cost Value is paying, you are to notify them so they can adjust what they are paying you to match that lower price this saving the Insurance money not you! You're still having to pay your 6000.00 dollar Deductible regardless! Having a contractor send fake invoices, receipts check stubs to get what the insurance was initially paying but doing the job for a lower price to pocket money is Fraud!

Bottom Line:
Go with a company you know and trust and have experience with Insurance Claims. Ask for references of other customers with claims the contractor has helped with. Many roofers are not experienced with claims and will potentially delay your roof replacement or confuse you and the process. Offers to good to be true are normally just that! There is no sense in getting multiple bids after a Catastrophe or when dealing with an Insurance Claim. It is the Insurances duty to provide a fair market price. If anything, know what your Deductible is, There is no way around it you will have to pay it! Ask your local agent how to lower it. Brazosport Roofing also offers financing for Deductibles!
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