Brazosport Roofing

Silicone Roof Coatings! Great for Commercial Roofing! Waterproof and Energy Efficient Coating Saves $$$ vs. Re-Roofing!! Why Replace When You Can Renew/Repair At a Fraction of the Cost!!

Owens Corning Duration 130 m.p.h. Algae Resistant Lmt. Lifetime Shingles have you covered! Perfect for Gulf Coast Area!

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Various Jobs Throughout The Year.

Gallery of Our Work

Villages of Lake Jackson Apartments Re-Roofed in 2006 (15 Buildings)

Gateway at Lake Jackson Apartments Re-Roofed in 2009 (27 Buildings)

TPO Roof Install in Progress with Tapered ISO in Houston, TX

Completed Mule-Hide TPO Roof Install with ISO Tapered Board. This was over completley Flat existing Tar & Gravel roof. We created a pitch with insulation Board and added a Mule Hide 60 mil TPO Roof with a 20 yr Manufacture Warranty! We Also Installed Commercial Grade Gutters!